In the 1980’s, forward thinking Lions ventured beyond the Lions’ time-tested blindness programs to dream a new dream, a dream of creating a mecca for blindness issues and vision care in the Rocky Mountain region.  With vision and leadership, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute Foundation was born and the dream has become reality in the world class Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute.  Now, new dreams are being dreamed. 

We are dedicated to the service and expansion of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Institute by providing funds to maintain and expand equipment allowing the Institute to continue their miraculous work.  Our funds come through personal donations, grants, Lions of Colorado, Wyoming, Lions Clubs International Foundation, which are used primarily to support the Institute. 

Moving forward, our next goal is to help with the planned expansion by providing funding to procure the equipment needed for 5 new examination rooms.  We call this challenge Mission 20/20!, with a bottom line of providing $250,000 by year-end 2020.


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